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Do you need a speaker for a business conference or event? My talks invariably get great feedback. They are full of examples and practical tips that my audience can use straight away. Take a look at my current talks below, or call me on +44 20 8991 2767 to discuss your needs. I’d be delighted to design something especially for your audience.


Being fabulous is not enough


If people are going to buy what we do they need to understand why they should buy from us. Forget the USP and embrace your ‘star ingredient’ and make sure you share the right message with the right people

Mind your marketing Ps & Qs


What questions do you need to consider when developing your strategic marketing plan?

Hint: Most of them concern a ‘P’ I have one not normally found in the marketing mix.

5 Classic marketing mistakes to avoid


This very practical talk is packed with examples demonstrating 5 of the most common mistakes businesses make with their marketing. I don’t just share the mistakes but suggest how to avoid them.

Speaking your prospect's language


We aren’t all the same and we don’t reach our buying decisions in the same way. This talk explores how you can use neuroscience to target your sales pitch to a particular audience.

Blowing your own trumpet


No-one likes a show off! In this talk I share 6 tips for blowing your own trumpet in a way that will win you friends rather than losing them.

Are you speaking to me?


If your marketing is to work it needs to be precisely targeted and join the conversation your prospect is having in their ‘own head’. In this talk I share how to do that.

Growing your business the green fingered way


Growing a business has many similarities with growing a beautiful garden, this talk explores what they are.

4 Questions before you begin marketing


It’s no good just diving into your marketing activities. This highly practical talk explores four questions to ask before you start and can be a highly interactive session for small numbers.

Going for Gold


As business owners we can learn a lot from elite athletes. In this talk I share 11 lessons but you won’t have to get out of your chair to learn them.

If you need a speaker for a small business or business start-up event please call me on +44 20 8991 2767, or email me, to discuss your needs and dates.

Glenda, thanks for a very insightful talk on networking – so interesting and nicely presented!

Katie G