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Where will your new customers come from?

Marketing isn’t a nice to do, it’s a must do. We have to work hard to retain existing customers and to win new ones in an increasingly competitive business environment.

How will your business grow? How will prospects hear about your small business? How will you ensure that existing customers remember you? These are just some of the challenges that your marketing plan has to address, there are more. I can help you to work out your marketing strategy and action plan.

When you’ve got a plan how will you make it happen? I can help with copywriting for newsletters, brochures, fliers, websites and press releases. I can source graphic design, printing and distribution.

If you’re not sure where your business growth will come from or are having difficultly implementing your plan take a look at my marketing packages now and then give me a call.

Marketing packages

Marketing planning

  • Customer survey or prospect research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Tactical marketing plan
  • Annual and monthly action plan with implementation guide

From £897


Launch or one off campaign

  • Direct mail letter (with up to 3 ‘tweaks’ to tailor to varied audiences)
  • Email newsletter,  landing page or news release
  • Flier, postcard or brochure
  • 4 promotional social media messages (which can be scheduled to go out as often as you would like)

From £397

Competitor research

  • Identification of key competitors
  • Competitor survey and analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Positioning map
  • Proposed competition strategy

From £377

Marketing buddy

  • 1 hour call on activation of package to agree objectives and scope a plan
  • 20 min progress/planning call each month
  • Review of current marketing communications (e.g. newsletter, brochure, email) with detailed comments to improve where necessary
  • One piece of marketing communication produced each month e.g. one email, one postcard etc.

From £125 per  month minimum contract 3 months

Marketing assistant

  • 1 90 minute meeting or call on activation of package to lead to a marketing activity plan
  • Supported competitor analysis (i.e. we give you the tool to do the research and help you to analyse the results
  • 20 min progress/planning call each month
  • Review of current marketing communications (e.g. newsletter, brochure, email) with revisions scheduled into monthly programme as agreed
  • 2 monthly marketing activities as agreed e.g. one newsletter, one direct mail or one advertisement/brochure with social media support

From £247 per month, minimum 3 month contract

Marketing Director

  • Competitor analysis and monitoring
  • 3 hour meeting on activation of programme to develop strategic and tactical marketing plan
  • Monthly review and planning call
  • Review and revision (to an agreed schedule) of all current promotional material including website
  • One newsletter or equivalent to existing customers each month
  • One newsletter or equivalent to prospects each month
  • Personalised email to new leads generated in the month
  • 1 blog article or 1 direct mail piece or 1 postcard, flier or advert
  • Social media promotion of newsletters and other campaigns generated by us

From £600 per month, minimum 3 months contract