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Help yourselves. These are all documents that I use to run my business or to work with clients, I hope you find them useful.

Business identity.

This document will help you to brief a graphic designer to produce the right kind of logo and corporate identity for you.

6 week plan

6 week action plan

This is a useful document for planning a project, a launch or a marketing campaign. Take a look at the completed example if you need some help.

One minute pitch

Win it in one minute

This document is useful if you attend networking meetings where you have to make a short pitch for business

Start-up checklist

Start-up checklist

This pre-start checklist has been developed specifically for UK based start-ups but may be useful elsewhere too.

Cashflow template

Cashflow forecasting

This template may be useful for start-ups or other businesses wanting to plan cashflow. The sub totals link to HMRC tax recording in the UK.

Break even analysis

Break even point

Understanding your break even point is vital in business. This worksheet shows an example and provides space for you to work out your own.

Time analysis sheet

Time analysis

It’s important to understand how long a task takes before setting prices, this worksheet will allow you to record how you spend your time.

Goal setting plan

Goal setting

Writing down your goals helps success, this worksheet will help.

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