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Could you use a hand to grow your business? Take mine...

When a lack of time or know how is your biggest problem I can help. How?

  • Is your marketing a bit haphazard or even non-existent? I can help you to develop a structured marketing plan to meet your needs and your resources.
  • Do you have a plan but no time to implement it? I can do your marketing for you so that you can concentrate on meeting your customers’ needs
  • Are you disappointed with the results of your marketing activities? Perhaps you are missing some of the tricks of the trade. Our training workshops are packed with useful tips and examples to make your marketing work better for you.

Business Start-ups

Starting a business can be tricky. We offer you training and one to one advice plus a range of resources to help you start-up successfully. Read more…

Growing Businesses

You are so busy running your small business that you don’t have time for marketing or strategic planning, yet you know you should do both. We can help, find out how…


Do you need a trainer, speaker or copywriter for a specific project? Have you secured funding and now need someone to deliver? Call Glenda on 020 8991 2767 to discuss your needs.


If you are in business you need to be marketing but do you have the time and expertise? I can help develop marketing plans, design marketing campaigns and write copy for your materials. Find out about our marketing packages here…


Would you like to be better at marketing your own business? Do you want to start a business but don’t know how? Then we probably have a course, workshop or webinar to help. Take a look here…


As the owner of a small business it can be difficult to be objective about your business’ development. We can offer you a sounding board and a fresh perspective to deal with the challenges in your business.


Why not start a conversation now and take the next step to starting or growing your business?

Hi, I’m Glenda Shawley and I would love to help you start or grow your business.

I know you’re busy so I’m not going to give you masses of hype about the gazillions I’ve made for me and my customers. I’m not going to call myself a marketing guru or even expert although one of my clients calls me a ‘marketing whizz’. I quite like that! I’m not even going to give you a long sales page detailing all the reasons that you should hire me although I know long copy usually outsells short copy. I’m not sure that works on a website anymore.

I’m simply going to ask you to read my blog  and connect with me on social media and if you think I can help give me a call on +44 20 8991 2767 (8.00a.m. to 10.00p.m. GMT please). There’s no charge for your first 30 minute call.

How I can help…

Marketing Planning

Nobody can buy from a business they haven’t heard of. Glenda will help you to identify your target customers and how to reach them

Done for you marketing

Brochures, postcards, webpages, newsletters are just some of the marketing communications I develop for my customers.

Quality Training

Glenda has a level 4 qualification in adult learning and her teaching is regularly graded as outstanding and her courses as excellent


My e-book, blog and newsletters are all designed to share ideas for developing your business and mistakes to avoid.


Are you confused about your next steps or what action to take? I can help to point you in the right direction 

Business Growth Clinics

Our London based and virtual business growth clinics enable you to work through your challenges at an affordable price

A few words from my clients…

You are a true star – thank you

Jane Hardy

Managing Director, Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men

I’m really touched that you spent the time listening to me (patiently) and offering constructive suggestions

Mary C.

Glenda Shawley is of incalculable value for any entrepreneur starting or developing his own small business. With a friendly professional approach Glenda digs in to find any potential opportunity for your business, developing your own idea, aggregating new ideas to yours and exercising its viability. Here is what Glenda does to you: one feels motivated and propelled to move on, all the step by step advices on the go gives one assurance of being taking the right step. If you are up to work hard to  make your business idea to come through and are  keen on taking the right advices on board, Glenda is the right person to have on your side.

Marcos Rissi

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